The new way to manage
family property matters.

FamilyProperty is an online platform built for family law professionals that simplifies the manual, time consuming and repetitive aspects of family property matters, freeing you up to deliver greater value and a better client experience.
Designed by Accredited Specialists in Family Law.

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Your complete family property


FamilyProperty equips you with the tools you need to better conduct family property matters from start to finish. Engage your client and other parties as needed, all within the same platform, freeing you up to deliver the work you love to do.

Work smarter & faster.

Think about all of those manual processes you do every day. Now imagine if you could leverage an expert system that could assist you a comprehensive intake questionnaire, auto-calculating balance sheets, secure and easy document transfers, and a whole lot more.

A better client experience.

FamilyProperty engages clients with your law firm, and with their matter 24/7. Meet them on your website, give them a client portal to engage them on their matter, and deliver an experience that works the way they want; online and mobile friendly.

Unify your team.

FamilyProperty is designed to increase the productivity of everyone that works on family property matters, from your support team, junior solicitors, through to partners. Everyone in the same platform, working the same way.

Gain your competitive advantage to win more family property clients.

Wouldn't it be great if you could take on more matters, while retaining competitive pricing and delivering a high quality service every time?

Use FamilyProperty for free until the 4th of March 2019!

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Meet your FamilyProperty

super powers.

Replace those emails, handwritten notes, unorganised documents and numerous spreadsheets with an single platform that brings together an entire family property matter into one screen equipped with all the tools you need.

Interactive & smart balance sheets.

Build up a complete picture of the balance sheet. Then quickly and easily model potential proposals and outcomes. It supports full automatic calculations, sub-balance sheets and even cash adjustments. Compare proposals, and visually see the points in agreement and dispute.

Client ready intake questionnaire.

Invite your clients to complete a branded, easy to understand intake questionnaire online which collects all the information you need. They can work through it in their own space and time. The questions have been adapted from the Family Court's Financial Statement and drafted into plain English.

Secure client portal.

Your clients can upload their financial disclosure documents to a secure client portal. There are recommendations as to what documents should be uploaded and each document is attached to the relevant item. The documents are automatically categorised, searchable and downloadable.

Matter dashboard for complete control.

Get a full view of a matter through an interactive dashboard, which enables you, your client, and support team to collect and review all the relevent information and attachments on the matter. Invite the other party to participate, and securely disclose information and proposals as needed.

Legal chatbot to handle enquiries.

FamilyProperty contains an automated and customisable legal chatbot that you can add into your website to start handling enquiries, and kicking off the intake process. Chatbots engage your website visitors in friendly humanistic conversations, working to convert visitors into clients for your firm, 24/7.

Customisable reports and documents.

Automatically generate professionally drafted and customisable documents and reports at each stage in the life-cycle of a family property matter; from intake questionnaire results, chronology reports, balance sheets, property settlement plans, and heads of agreement documents.

Use FamilyProperty for free until the 4th of March 2019!

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Meet the

FamilyProperty team.

Designed and crafted for family law professionals by family law specialists, and built by the award winning legal tech team that brought you LawSwitch.

Fiona Kirkman (Legal Co-Founder)

As an Accredited Specialist and mediator and with over 15 years experience in Family Law, Fiona is paving the way to craft reform in Family Law in Australia. Fiona brings the legal foundation to FamilyProperty.

Tim Kirkman (Technical Co-Founder)

Tim is the designer, developer and architect for FamilyProperty. Tim is passionate about empowering law firms to reach their potential through use of technology.

Prof. Patrick Parkinson (AM) (Visionary & advisor)

The brainchild behind FamilyProperty is Professor Patrick Parkinson. Professor Parkinson is the Dean of Law of the University of Queensland, a specialist in family law, a nationally accredited mediator, and arbitrator in family property matters.

Use FamilyProperty for free until the 4th of March 2019!

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